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February 9th, 2007 - By johnbenej

Hello All!� Thanks for taking the time to check out my table hockey weblog here on table hockey heaven.� Thanks also to Warren for inviting me and encouraging me to participate.� You are doing great work and all of us table hockey players really appreciate it.

For my first weblog I am going to explain why I believe that table hockey is a sport that empowers the players and why it is worth investing your time, energy and hard earned dollars into.� This is just the first of four “Riffs” that I hope you take the time to read and comment upon–I have thick skin so don’t be gentle if you don’t agree.


�Unlike surfing the web, playing video games alone in your room, or watching television–all activities glorified by the popular culture–table hockey forces its particpants to step up to a game and face-off against another person–usually a stranger.� This simple fact alone makes the endeavor worthwhile because I believe, and many many psychologists and physicians agree, that meeting and getting to know other people� is crucial to living a happy and healthy life.

Yes, sometimes meeting strangers is awkward and can give you a pain in the ass, but where would we be without the lessons, examples and humor of other people to help us grow?�One on one interactions�bring us another view of life, another way of approaching ourselves,� and potentially provides us with�another resource to help us�obliterate the limitations we have set up within ourselves.� The great players all say the same thing: you need other great players pushing� you, forcing you to become a better player.� I would take that one step further: the lessons great and not so great players��impart can help you to become a better person; one whose�inner limitations no longer seem daunting .

Each person I meet–every single one–shows me something new and helps to guide me along on the journey that is my life.� Generally speaking, the guys and gal whom I have played table hockey with come from the same social class I do,� so interaction and communication is easy and is rarely a problem.� Ninety-percent of these folks I consider my friends–not just�simple acquaintances–but all of them have shared with me and our time in common is always precious.� One Hundred Percent!

Two strangers step up to a game and for five or ten minutes create something together .� This wonderful activity�builds camaraderie�between even�the most prickly of people and they are no longer strangers–how could they be when the two�have�manifested this match/result?� Oftentimes (of course not always!) friendship follows.� I just came back from Las Vegas where there were two table hockey tournaments on successive days.� I renewed my friendships with most of the players� there and established two or three more which I am very excited about: this is why table hockey matters .�

Well, that’s all for now. Got to go practice for�Sunday�when�I’m off to the New England Open in Cromwell CT to see my good friends the Didomizios, �and play stiga with some of the best players in the country.��Please�check back�for Riffs II, III, and IV on Why Table Hockey Matters!�


John “Benej”

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