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Find Players In Canada

To add your name to this list you must fill out the Find Players Form
Prov City Name/Email I play I would like to play Additional Info
AB Calgary Bob
Coleco, Gretzky Overtime Game, Munro Older Munro versions, any new, well built technology Have played for many years. 2 time Bronze medalist in the only 2 tournaments held during Calgary Winter Festival in early 90's.
AB Calgary Howard Ackman
able to play competetive on all games all games would like to play in tounaments
AB Calgary JD Turner
Coleco "Stanley Cup" 5385 Coleco 5385, Coleco "Power Play 5170" Interested in playing in tournaments, have unique 21 Team (early 80's NHL lineup) full Regular Season/Playoff schedule for sale. Contact E Mail for details.
AB Calgary


Stiga Stanley Cup Eagle, Coleco, Gretzky, Super Chexx, Men of Steel
AB Calgary Kevin Turner
allot Stiga
AB Calgary


coleco,fx, greztky


looking to join or start a league
AB Drayton Valley Wade Hopfe
Stiga, Gretzky, and Coleco. Irwin Powerplay, BOS, and Munro. I'm looking for a league or a tournament to enter in Central Alberta.
AB Edmonton Bob Cookhouse
Stiga, Coleco Stiga ...all games send me an email ...lets get together and play table hockey wooo ethl rocks...
AB Edmonton Daryl Shilling

AB Edmonton Reggie Stefaniszyn
Stiga, Munro Any I would like to form a league in the Edmonton area. Anyone interested?
AB Edmonton Robert Allen
Wayne Gretzky Overtime Stiga Looking to purchase a very good condition Munro All-Star Hockey game.
AB Edmonton Tim Guezen
Gretzky, Stiga Benej, BOS Considering an Edmonton league/club...nothing too serious. Anybody interested?
AB Edson Darryl LeBlue
Munro Hull/Orr BOS,MOSH,Stiga Member of WCATHL
AB Hinton Bradley Fehr
Munro Hull/Orr BOS,MOSH,Stiga Member of the WCATHL
AB Hinton Dale LeBlue
Munro Hull/Orr BOS,MOSH,Stiga Vice. Pres. of the WCATHL
AB Hinton Dave Wright
Munro Hull/Orr BOS,MOSH,Stiga President of the WCATH
AB Hinton Neil Kary
Munro Hull/Orr BOS,MOSH,Stiga Member of the WCATHL
AB Lloydminster Matt
stiga, wee-play, benej, best of seven, men of steel, coleco any of the above travel frequently in the midwest and northern states.
AB Lethbridge Joshua Schroeder
Gretzky, Stiga Predominantly Stiga, but will play any. LTHA
AB St.Albert Brian
any any
AB St.Albert & Edmonton Kevin Giacobbo
Coleco,Irwin Powerplay 2,Chexx Stiga Want more Competition in Alberta.on Coleco & Irwin Powerplay 2.
British Columbia
Prov City Name/Email I play I would like to play Additional Info
BC Coquitlam Bill Hepting
Bobby Hull, Bobby Orr (Munro) Men Of Steel Played 25 years in a table hockey in the Vancouver, BC area
BC Dawson Creek Brent Newman
stiga & coleco All Any players in northen BC or Alberta?
BC Langley Craig
Stiga Never played but interested in Coleco
BC Maple Ridge Jim Montgomery
chexx chexx lets find a pub sponsor
BC Port Moody Nick Springate (Oilers)
Benji - latest/largest model BCTHC used Coleco Game room tables (side goalie) for 14 yrs - if a solid table is left we would make it hum Have the Benji table and another one up the street. Multiple videos are available online.
BC Vancouver Dominic Froome
Coleco Custom Built 5380 TH Coleco Custom Built 5380 TH. Looking to find players to play some 5380 TH in Vancouver
BC Vancouver Tony Vanon
Stiga, Coleco, have played Men of Steel same, but Stiga 1st Love the game, am available to play Wednesday nights (my place)after 8:30 p.m.
BC Vancouver Warren Klotz
Coleco, Stiga, Munro, BOS, Benej, Eagle & Munro Any & All
Stiga, Coleco, Eagle, Munro, BOS All Vancouver Table Hockey League @

BC Vernon Darren Reich
Gamecraft any check out some cool mods to my table on the 'vids' section of this site
BC Victoria Jim Morrow
Placed 3rd in tournament in Whitehorse in 1974. VSTHL highlight... Beat the heck out of Harvey Yee twice this year!!!
BC Victoria Noel Dwyre
Coleco, Stiga, Any Any
BC Victoria Shawn Redmond
Coleco (Labelle) Coleco Starting league in Victoria. Always looking for new members to join us!
New Brunswick
Prov City Name/Email I play I would like to play Additional Info
NB Campbellton Marc
powerplay 2, used to play coleco Stiga NHL, Halex NHL will try to start a Stiga league in my region(campbellton and pointe-a-la-croix,qué)
NB Halifax/Dartmuoth Richard Crawley
coleco, stiga up to play any
NB Fredericton Rob Arnold
Stiga, Recently acquired Coleco "City Series" Benej Current champ of Zealand League 9 yrs running & retired former CRHA champ. Interested in tournaments.
NB Dieppe Marc LeBlanc
Benej (first generation) Benej (first and second generation)  
Nova Scotia
Prov City Name/Email I play I would like to play Additional Info
NS Halifax Garth Smedley
Benej Classic, Benej Tablehockey Pro, Stiga, Munro
NS Halifax Jon Perry
Stiga The good Coleco's
NS Halifax Michael Hackett
Benej (Classic & Pro), Stiga any Organizes at least two local tournaments/year, member of Heavy Duty Table Hockey Society.
NS Halifax Thor
Benej Classic & Tablehockey Pro, Stiga, Chexx, Gretzky, Coleco, Munro God. Best of Seven, Crystal Ice.
NS Pictou County Dean
Coleco something similar drop me a line
Prov City Name/Email I play I would like to play Additional Info
ON Aljax Antonio
Powerplay 2, Stiga, Coleco 5380, Gretzky Powerplay 2, Stiga, Coleco 5380, Gretzky

The DTHL is now accepting new members for its winter league.

ON Alliston Darryl Newcombe
Gretzky Gretzky Go Leafs
ON Alliston Patrick Walford
Any I can play Stiga I'm looking to find some guys to play. Will play any game.
ON Aurora Jeremy Wark
PowerPlay 2, Artizan, SuperChexx Stiga, Benej Looking for players to start a Stiga League north of Toronto.
ON Barrie Stephen Bennett
Gamecraft (Wal-Mart)

ON Burlington A. Barrie
Stiga, Coleco Stiga, Coleco
ON Burlington Tony Hofman
Gretzky, Coleco, Munro, Chexx Benej, Stiga Ontario Table Hockey Championships (Hamilton,Ont)
ON Caledonia Rick Kuipers
59 Eagle Powerplay,61 Eagle National league, Munro Orr. Munro Orr, Stiga, Coleco Would join league
ON Don Mills {Toronto} Bill Garrett
Weeplay, Powerplay2, Coleco, Munro, Stiga, BOS, Benej. Teen-age Mutant Ninja Table Hockey! Table Hockey Toronto
ON Hamilton Mike Pope
mainly munro any run the ontario championships in late january every year
ON Kitchener Bernie
Stiga,Munro,Henry(wee play) & Irwin Any and all games! Going to Zurich Switzerland 2003 to represent Canada on Stiga join us if you like!
ON Leamington Leon Pilgrim
Stiga, Henry, Irwin, WeePlay All games! Need to try MOSH, IceFX, Benej SWOTHL - League Official
OTHL - League Official
CTHA - Ontario (South-West)Regional Director
ON London Dustin Gallagher
Rod Hockey/table hockey  
I would love to play The Canada/Russia bubble dome
ON London Chris Thibert
stiga, coleco hockey night in canada

ON Newmarket Aaron McNeil
stiga coleco I love playing, but don't have anyone to play with. Lets Play!
ON Ottawa Ryan Courville
Stiga, Henry/Kevin Lowe Challenge Hockey, Henry/Shoot & Score Coleco Im just getting back into Table Hockey and loving it!
ON Ottawa Stephen Klump

ON Ottawa Steve
Coleco Stanley cup (2D) Coleco always looking for more.... Teams & games
ON Peterborough Jim Maker
Coleco and Powerplay Coleco I would like to start a league in the Peterborough area. If interested please contact.
ON ST. Thomas Shawn Wouda
Stiga Benej
ON Toronto Alex Klein
super chexx, wanyne gretzky table hockey, coleco Stiga die hard table top hockey player would like a league or tournament.
ON Toronto Christopher Hutsul
Stiga, Benej Stiga Looking for other stiga players for tournament play, or possible league play.
ON Toronto Paul Korol
Coleco, Munro, Gretzky any and all, Ice FX willing to try all, Ice FX
ON Toronto & Pembroke Mark Sokolski
Irwin Powerplay2, Henry, Coleco, Stiga (a little) Benej, Stiga Toronto Table Hockey Championships (early April)
ON Toronto/Etobicoke Michael Waldstein
Powerplay 2 Powerplay 2, Stiga
ON Welland Tim Lundy
Coleco, Stiga Would try any...all are fun
ON Windsor Marc Dalzell
Benej Benej, Stiga, Munro! (just a little band promo)
ON Windsor Jeff Freeman
Stiga, Henry, Top Corner Any game
Prov City Name/Email I play I would like to play Additional Info
QUE Buckingham Richard Viau
Coleco 5388, Benej Classic, Stiga NHL Any logical table hockey games. Champ 6 times in leagues ,from 1989 to 1993 ,(3 times Coleco 5388)+(3 times Benej Classic)Stop for 8 yrs .Now playing Stiga for almost 1 yr.
QUE Gatineau David Decrozant

QUE Gatineau Eric Desjardins
STIGA, Coleco
4th year in the LAHTO league.
QUE Gatineau Pierre Filiatreault
TABLEHOCKEY (Benej) Maybe Stiga because it seems popular. I run a league (LHTO) in our region which as been running since 1986
QUE Gatineau Alain Gamache
STIGA Coleco
2nd year in the LAHTO league.
QUE Gatineau Steve Lévesque
STIGA Coleco, PowerPlay 2
President & Founder of LAHTO
QUE Gatineau Pascal Thériault
STIGA Coleco 3 years LAHTO league Champion, Gatineau Challenge Tournament organizer.
QUE Montreal Ben
Stiga, Coleco Stiga with new NHL's men Project to create a major table hockey league for sept 2003, send me an e-mail and I will answer you asap. Table hockey will never be the same again.
QUE Montreal Pierre Chastenais
Stiga, since 1989. Running a league on Stigas since 1991 No other; I'd lose all the time... The LHTSO welcomes all players in Montreal area or close by. Feel free to e-mail me for more infos!
QUE Montreal Ron Chesick
Coleco, Stiga Stiga, Coleco
QUE Québec City Burt Brassard
Coleco, Stiga, Power Play II, Henry. Benej, Best of Seven. UHTQ league president (6th year); Québec Open tournament (5 years)
QUE Pointe-Claire Patrick Bremshey
Benej & Stiga All of them
Prov City Name/Email I play I would like to play Additional Info
SK Saskatoon John Luukkonen
Best of Seven Men of Steel, Stiga Prefer BOS by a long shot but willing to try others
SK Saskatoon Lionel Fauchoux
BOS Men of Steel, Artizan Current champ of Zealand League 9 yrs running & retired former CRHA champ. Interested in tournaments.

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